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It was a destiny that most of my projects and works were working with children, and for children. I am happy to offer the classical and pop piano lesson for an adult though. Apart from production, I have 22 years of piano and music teaching experience/performance. I can quickly discover each student's ability and help them to reach their full potential. My lesson is bespoke and personalised for all levels (from beginner to performance diploma) and different objectives. Lessons can be taken place in either your place or my home in Keynsham. Below are the positions that I had ever served for.


- Guest Instructor of music production workshop / Music Teacher / Choir Conductor in various secondary             schools in Hong Kong

- Pianist in Sha Tin Children Choir

- Pianist in a catholic musical band <AMDG>

- Piano accompanist for Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, ABRSM & Trinity 's instrumental             examination

I'm also currently working with PLUK (PianoLessonsUK) to deliver piano lessons in Bristol.

There are some essentials elements that you should keep in mind if you want to play piano well :


1. Correct notes / rhythm

2. Correct fingering

3. Muscular map - Articulation & Coordination

4. Tone colour with consistency

5. Balance of hands, chords, and tone (colour) 

6. Pedalling

7. Structure/Phrasing 

8. Dynamics

9. Tempo/Pulse

10. Interpretation 

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